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Designed with a designer in mind…

Being a graphic designer, I set out to design a board tailor-made for that profession. Keyboard shortcuts are a way of life, as a designer, but the Windows key is your worst enemy. Constantly interrupting your work flow by unintentional presses, when attempting to use Alt.

That is why Bauer features a WKL bottom row.

But this is not just the typical WKL bottom row you are used to seeing. I wanted Bauer to be unique and more pleasing to the unsatisfiable eye of a designer. What you see is the result of that mission.




Aluminum Kit - $460

Brass Kit - $560

Cerakote Finishes

6063 aluminum

VIA Compatible WT65-B PCB and
USB-C Daughterboard by


Custom 65% WKL Layout

Split Backspace

Fixed Plate

5º Typing Angle

Isolation Mount



Keyboard Chassis


USB-C Daughterboard

Isolation pads

Rubber Feet Strips

Chassis Screws


  1. Gray Alu Top / Cyan Alu Plate / Cyan Alu Bot

  2. Bronze Alu Top / Brass Plate / Brass Bottom

  3. Silver Alu Top / Gray Alu Plate / Gray Alu Bottom

  4. Gray Alu Top / Brass Plate / Brass Bottom


  • Extra WT65-B PCB

  • Extra Aluminum Plate
    (Bronze, Cyan, Grey, Silver)

  • Extra Brass Plate

  • Polycarbonate Plate

  • POM Plate



This is our first dive into custom keyboards, so we are going to take this first round slow. There will be limited units available. In order to give people the best chance to get a board, if they want one, we will be using three different methods. Only one board per customer, so if we see that you got a spot and then proceeded to join the next method, your spot will be taken away and you will be banned from all future sales.

  1. First Come, First Serve | 20 Kits - This will be the traditional way of purchasing on our website. Use the product page to check out.

  2. Raffle Sale | 20 Kits - We will have a window for customers to submit a form. When the window is closed, we will randomly chose the customers and invoice.

  3. Vickrey Auction | ~10 Kits - After the kits for the first two methods arrive and are QC’d, we will hold a Vickrey auction for a handful of kits. These will be in stock.




  1. First Come, First Serve | 20 Kits - AUGUST 14, 2019 | 10:00 AM Central Time

  2. Raffle Sale | 20 Kits - Form will open when FCFS kits are gone. Will be open for 24 hours.

  3. Vickrey Auction - Will take place after kits have arrived in stock.