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Designed with a designer in mind…

Being a graphic designer, I set out to design a board tailor-made for that profession. Keyboard shortcuts are a way of life, as a designer, but the Windows key is your worst enemy. Constantly interrupting your work flow by unintentional presses, when attempting to use Alt.

That is why Bauer features a WKL bottom row.

But this is not just the typical WKL bottom row you are used to seeing. I wanted Bauer to be unique and more pleasing to the unsatisfiable eye of a designer. What you see is the result of that mission.


  • 65% WKL

  • Isolation Mount

  • Fixed Layout

  • WT65-B PCB by

  • Fully Programmable

  • Center-Mount USB-C Daughter Board

  • Custom Bottom Feet

  • Cerakote finishes

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