Keebtown is basically a keyboard radio program, that you can listen to live, through our Discord server. The server is open to anyone who wants to join, so invite anyone you want!

The live show will take place in the #Keebtown voice channel every Sunday at 7 PM CST. Use the #listener-chat to interact with us and the other listeners throughout the show!

For any of you folks around the world, who cannot make the live show, we will release the recording of each episode to Soundcloud, Google Play, and iTunes.



Hi , I'm TennisShoeNinja. I am from Houston, Texas born and raised! I change keebs like you change underwear.


Hey, I'm wokechill! I got into mechanical keyboards a few years ago, and now and then I make dyesub caps on the side. I really love the creative, DIY aspects of the community and how much I've seen it grow, especially in the Texas scene. Thanks for listening! Pray for my wallet...


Hello! I'm Komatoz living on the beautiful islands of Oahu, Hawai'i. Proud to be a part of the amazing keyboard community and hoping to bring you folks some aloha from the islands!


Hi, I'm Dixie. Born and raised in Birmingham, AL. I am a graphic designer, so I set out to bring great design to this community. I also want to bring little bit of that southern charm to the rest of the world.