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Design eligibility

The following must apply in order for a keyset or keyboard design to be included in Mech Madness 2019.

  • The group buy or purchase period ended within the year 2018 (there are some exceptions, as we needed to even the bracket out to 64 designs)

  • The minimum order quantity (if applicable) was reached and the product is being produced

  • The product was available to the general public.


  • If multiple participants create a perfect bracket we will randomly choose 1 of the two to receive the prize

  • Each participant may only win once. If you place in the top ten of both brackets, would be given the prize of your best finish. If both of your brackets end in the same place, then you will be able to choose which prize you would like.

  • Shipping for prizes will only be paid for, by Dixie Mech, if you are within the United States or Canada. If you are in another country, and win a prize, you will need to pay for the shipping costs over the standard cost

  • In the event that you win a prize and you did not provide a valid email where we can contact you (when filling out your brackets), we will choose another winner.


  • No hateful or negative comments shall be used in anyway

  • No inappropriate words or phrases are to be used in your bracket name

  • No slandering of designs or designers in the field of the brackets

  • No organizing mass votings for certain designs to skew the vote

  • Anyone found straying from these policies will be disqualified from receiving a prize