Project Updates | 2.5.19

 XDA Oblique

We finally got an update from zFrontier on the status of XDA Oblique.  

“Due to the approaching CNY holidays, some workers got off duty early and productivity was not as stable as expected. They told us that they should be finishing this set within 2 weeks after CNY holidays. So we should expect them finishing in mid to late Feb.”

This means the set should arrive to us sometime in March for us to hopefully be done shipping by April. If all stays to plan.

Here are some photos taken from the factory.  



 GMK Modern Dolch

We are currently waiting on the second round of smples for the Cyan and red. The greys have been approved and GMK will soon begin production of those caps. Once the Cyan and red has been approved, they will then produce those caps  

Here are some photos of the first round of samples.  



These have WS1 legends. The final sets will use WS2 legends for a bright, crisp, modern feel.  


The samples compared to the stock GMK colors of original Dolch.

The Modern Dolch x Rama Works caps have arrived and will be shipped out with the Keycaps.



The PCBs are currently in route to our office and will be promptly shipped out to customers once they arrive. Hopefully this will be in the next two weeks. We will not have extras.

Meka Mats | Massdrop

The deskmats are currently in route to our office from the manufacturer. Once they arrive, we will QC all mats and quickly ship out to customers. We hope to have these shipped out at least a month earlier than projected.

We will have extras of both colorways after the GB orders ship.


This 65% WKL Isolation Mount Keyboard is our first leap into the world of custom keyboards. We have spent hundreds of hours reaching this point in the design. We are currently waiting on prototypes to arrive after CNY. See below for a few teaser photos. 


SA Magic City

This is our set based off of my home city of Birmingham, AL. Classic tones with a grit that will work on any board. Check out the landing page on the project page with links to the IC. 


GMK Mizu

We are proud to announce our collaboration with Rensuya on GMK Mizu.  

The inspiration for this set comes from the water nation in the animated series "The Legend of Korra" & "Avatar: the last Airbender". The colors worn by the water nation and Avatar Korra are reflected in this keycap set. The novelties pay homage to both shows. The name Mizu is water in Japanese 水.

Check our the Interest Check and provide us your feedback.  


GMK 8008

We don’t have much to show on this one besides a little tease of a landing page. We are getting renders made as we speak. 


Mech Madness 2019 



We have been working hard to create the best event of the year in keyboards. This event will crown the best of the best from the last year in keyboards. 

This event is basically the March Madness Bracket Challenge for keyboards. 

There will be two brackets: one for keysets and one for keyboards.  

You will have a couple weeks before the tournament to fill out your brackets and predict the winners of each matchup, eventually choosing a winner of each bracket.  

Each match will be voted on by the public via Instagram poll, to determine which design proceeds to the next round. Each correct prediction will earn you points. 

The top scorings participants will earn prizes from our amazing sponsors. Check out the landing page for a deeper look into the process, the sponsors, and the keysets/keyboards that will be in the tournament.  

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