October 8, 2018 Update

Our Wedding Location

Our Wedding Location

It has been a while since we have put out an update because we are in the process of moving and we just got married. So this update will hopefully clear up many questions about all of our projects. All orders that were placed over the past two weeks will be shipped in the next few days. Please be patient with us as we try to get caught up. Thank you for all the kind words and congratulations for our wedding!

GMK Violet Tendencies

The groupbuy orders have all been shipped and the extras have been listed for sale. There are still some left, as we have not publicly announced they are available until now.

We had some QC issues with the desk mats and were short on delivering the GB orders. All customers affected have been contacted and we are waiting for the replacements to arrive.

B-stock units of the Deskmats will go on sale either this week or next week.

Meka Mats

This groupbuy was also affected by the QC issues. All the white mats were able to be shipped, but we were short for the black ones. The affected customers have been contacted and we are waiting for the replacements.

B-stock units will go on sale with the Violet Tendencies mats.

OLKB Rev.6 Planck PCB and EOTW Cases

The PCBs have finally arrived after some delays. All orders with only the PCBs have been sent. The EOTW cases arrived while we were away on our honeymoon. All the rest of the orders will be sent out this week to wrap up this GB.

The Low-Cost option of the PCB was drop halfway through the GB. Anyone who purchased that PCB will be automatically upgraded to the hot-swap PCB for no additional charge.

Extras of the PCB and EOTW cases will go on sale in the coming week or two.


XDA Oblique

All invoices have been paid for over a month now, and we are close to beginning production. zFrontier is the lead on this project and we will update when they update us. Hopefully we will have these in hand by the end of the year. This is a different manufacturer than GMK, so we cannot expect the same speedy turnaround times.

GMK Modern Dolch

GMK Modern Dolch GB ended a little over a week ago with huge numbers. We reached 500 base kits sold, which means everyone will be refunded $5 per base kits ordered.

We are awaiting the invoice from GMK. My wedding and honeymoon delayed that process by a few days, but that is just how the events fell. Sorry about that.

We should have the invoices paid this week. The color matching process began the first week the GB opened, in order to get ahead of the game. Hopefully that will speed up that process and keep us on our timeline.

We sold way more of these than expected, so the production time may be a little longer than expected as well.

We will have extras of all kits after the GB orders ship, as usual.

Keyforge Shishi Raffle

Just to clear up any confusion, everyone who purchased a base set of GMK Modern Dolch was automatically entered to win a Keyforge Shishi. We did not send a link to a form and you did not have to do anything else to be entered into the raffle. So if you have not received an email with an invoice, you did not win. If you receive an invoice, and do not want the cap, please contact us and we will re-raffle that cap.

Thanks for all the support!