December 19, 2018 | Groupbuy Updates

GMK Modern Dolch

We are currently waiting on color samples from GMK. They should arrive any day now. GMK has been moving incredible slow on this project for unknown reasons. We had all of our Pantone chips sent to them in September before the groupbuy even ended. We tried our best to be proactive and be ahead of the game, but doesn’t seem to have done any good in making this color matching process proceed quicker. We will have an update on the color samples when they arrive. 


XDA Oblique

 It took me a while to get an update from the lead on this project (zFrontier) about the status. Here is the exact quote from their response to my concern. 

 ”Overall it was been heavily delayed, the factory's reason being: the colors are taking some time to match and the whole manufacturing timeline was postponed by really bad weather in South China and some environmental inspections.”

We do not have an updated timeline at this time, but I will update when we have one. HS60 

 According to, the project is running 1-2 weeks behind because of the Christmas rush. Will post more updates as they come. 


OLKB Proton C 

All Proton C orders have been shipped as of this post. A couple extras will go up sometime in the near future.  


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