August 1st Update

GMK 9009 Ortho and Vim

The caps have arrived and have been sent out to all the groupbuy participants. So this groupbuy is officially considered complete! Extras will go live sometime this week. Join our newsletter to get a 24 jump on everyone else on product openings!


GMK Violet Tendencies

The keycaps began production in the second week of July at GMK in Germany. 

Production for the sleeves are nearing completion.

The desk mats have been produced and are on their way to us. They should arrive in the next few weeks. Shipping for orders that consist of only a deskmat will be shipped once they arrive.


Meka Mats

The Meka Mats have been produced and are in the same shipment as the Violet Tendencies mats. They will arrive and be shipped out, hopefully before the end of August.


OLKB Planck Rev.6

We were hoping for a mid July arrival on the parts but there were a few issues with USBs. Jack of OLKB has a detailed update post here


XDA Oblique

The groupbuy has 4 more days as of this post. The current numbers are below. 

Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 9.45.14 PM.png
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