May 24, 2019 Update


We haven’t put out an official written update on everything in one place in a while, and I am sorry for that. I am going to start putting out updates every Friday, even if we have no updates. Just to keep everyone comfortable, now that we have so many projects happening. So lets get started, shall we?


GMK Modern Dolch and XDA Oblique Extras

We will have extras for both of these keysets, but they will not be available until the month of June. Sign up for our newsletter and you will be notified about the exact day and time, beforehand. Please do not contact our support about these extras.


GMK Minimal

GMK Minimal order has been placed and is currently in line to be produced. We expect them to arrive to us around late July or August. All price-drop refunds have been made. We will have around 150 extras for this set once they arrive. Sign up for our newsletter and you will be notified about the exact day and time, beforehand. Please do not contact our support about these extras.


Meka Hats and Shirts

The Meka Hat and Shirt group buy orders have been shipped. The Meka Collection is now stocked and available while supplies last.


GMK Mizu

GMK Mizu is going strong with about a week left to order. All products have passed MOQ with flying colors! Colormatching has already begun and hopefully the first round of samples will arrive a week or so after the group buy ends. Keep up with the status of the groupbuy or join the groupbuy at

Bauer Top Fixed copy.png

Nutcracker V2

The Nutcracker V2 groupbuy is open until May 31st. The expected delivery date to customers is August 2019.


SA Magic City

SA Magic City is a small batch SA set we are quietly running on our site. It is priced at a 75 MOQ, but is not limited. It is open and available to purchase until around the end of next week.



SA Bliss

We are proud to announce that the SA Bliss group buy will begin July 1st. Its is an R3 SA set from Signature Plastics that is a must have for any collection. Check out the Interest Check form!



We will have new deskmat designs going up for group buy in June! Keep an eye out!



Bauer is our debut custom mechanical keyboard. We are getting closer to release. Keep your eyes peeled!

Back Logo.png

GMK 8008

GMK 8008 is the first 100% Dixie Mech designed keyset we will be able to offer. We have waited a long time and put in a lot of work to make our first set, the best it could be. We are very proud of how 8008 turned out and are excited to bring it to you in Q3 of this year! Let us know your thoughts in our interest check form!



New Store Design

We made a bunch of updates on our store to enhance your user experience when you shop with us. With new interactive elements and an overall visual improvement, we hope you have a better experience than you did. Our goal is to always have the best shopping experience in the community.


Arrival Tracking App Integration

We are excited to announce that start May 28th, our store will have built in Arrival App integration. Arrival is the best way to track your packages on iOS. Once you download the app, you will be able to simply click the button on your order confirmation screen, and it will automatically add your order to be tracked. You can then open the Arrival App anytime to check the status of your Dixie Mech orders, and even keep up with your order history! This app can also track your orders from any retailer!


TaehaTypes Stickers

We are very happy to have TaehaTypes as part of our Partner Program and are now carrying the official TaehaTypes sticker! Add one to your order today! Check out TaehaTypes on Twitch and Youtube!



Do you think your design has what it takes to become one of the best ever?! We get so many pitches on designs, we thought it would be much more convenient and take less of our daily time, to just make a submission form. Submit your design today, and you may hear back from us!


Mech madness prizes

If you have not received your Mech Madness prize, we are still waiting on the donations to be shipped from our sponsors. Thank you for your patience. We have not forgotten about you.

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