June 21, 2019 Update





We released new deskmats this week in the form of the Floral, Skull, and Home Sweet Home designs! The group buys are open until July 29th, and hopefully will be delivered to us for an October delivery.


Dixie Friends Hat

We are very excited to finally bring you the Dixie Friends hat! Pick one up today until July 29th!


Heart of Dixie Collection

Stock up on Dixie Mech Merch with our new collection! It includes stickers, coasters, and koozies! We even have a bundle option for you to buy everything for a discount!




SA Bliss

We are proud to announce that the SA Bliss group buy will begin July 1st. Its is an R3 SA set from Signature Plastics that is a must have for any collection. Check out the Interest Check form!


GMK Dracula

We are excited to be the vendor for the fantastic new design, GMK Dracula. Keep up with the Interest Check and fill out the form to stay notified of information about the groupbuy.



Bauer is our debut custom mechanical keyboard. We are getting closer to release. Keep your eyes peeled!

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GMK 8008

GMK 8008 is the first 100% Dixie Mech designed keyset we will be able to offer. We have waited a long time and put in a lot of work to make our first set, the best it could be. We are very proud of how 8008 turned out and are excited to bring it to you in Q3 of this year! Let us know your thoughts in our interest check form!




GMK Minimal

Currently in production and set to ship from GMK at the end of July. Customer shipment planned in August.


GMK Mizu

We received the first round of samples about a week after the groupbuy ended. We have taken the best photo we can to represent these as close to real life.


We are not satisfied with the alphas and will be getting another round to make sure they are as close to the renders on the product page. At first glance, you may be thinking, “What are they talking about?! They look great!”, so let me explain. If you notice, the areas in the shadows of the alphas, have a great blue, but the areas on the surfaces of the caps are a little too light. And the surfaces are the important parts, of course. So we are going for another round to get the surfaces to have the blue of the shadows of this round.

While we’re at it, we are going to also get another color sampled for the modifiers, just to be 100% sure that we have the right color. We just want to be over diligent and not be too sure of anything, without enough information to make the decision.

We are confident the second round of samples will be ready for production.

R1 Edited.JPG

Nutcracker V2

The Nutcracker V2 groupbuy is planning on being delivered to us at the end of July for an August customer delivery.


SA Magic City

SA Magic City is in the December 2019 production slot and will take 30 days to produce. Expect late Jan / Feb 2020 delivery. Thanks to everyone who helped make our first Small Batch a success!




TaehaTypes Stickers

We are very happy to have TaehaTypes as part of our Partner Program and are now carrying the official TaehaTypes sticker! Add one to your order today! Check out TaehaTypes on Twitch and Youtube!


Route Shipping Insurance

We now have the option for shipping insurance on our store! Always feel safe about your package arriving. A replacement or refund will be given to you in the case of a lost, stolen, or damaged product through Route!


Mech madness prizes

If you have not received your Mech Madness prize, we are still waiting on the donations to be shipped from our sponsors. Thank you for your patience. We have not forgotten about you.

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