My hometown of Birmingham, AL is known as the Magic City because of its growth from 100 citizens to 250,000 citizens in just 12 years (1865-1878). This set is a dedication to the place that raised me and made who I am today. The soft cream and the nearly black charcoal are representative of the long history of hard and gritty work the city is known for. The red is taken from the state flag. Together these tones create a very strong and balanced palette that will turn any board into a conversation piece. It is not flashy, but just a solid set that will go on any board. Please use the link below to fill out the interest check and give us your thoughts.


Doubleshot abs plastic




Manufactured by Signature Plastics

sculpted SA | 1-1-2-3-4-3

One Kit. One price.

We have created a condensed base kit in order to keep costs down and also try to cover a majority of board layouts.