GMK Minimal | 500 MOQ HIT | EXTENDED

GMK Minimal | 500 MOQ HIT | EXTENDED

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MOQ 150

This kit features all keys to cover the most popular layouts in this community while cutting out keys that aren't often used. To keep in line with the Minimal theme we decided on all text modifiers with a timeless black on white colourway. This set uses GMK stock colours, WS1 and CR respectively. WS1 is the perfect white for this set, since it's purer than CP while not being as "in your face" as WS2. This also plays along nicely with the fact that most keyboard finishes are a more dull white, compared to the very bright WS2. 


MOQ 100

If you're using less common layouts, don't worry! We've got you covered with this kit! The + kit adds support for both ISO and numpad users. This kit can also be purchased separately for those of you that just want to cover a numpad.


MOQ 100

The - kit is made for those of you who like their boards compact. It adds basic support for ortholinear keyboards like the Planck, while also adding a variety of smaller spacebars which can be used on split space boards like the DZ60 or ergonomic ones like the TGR Alice. Spacebars included are 2x 1u, 2u, 2.25u, 2.75u.

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We have a lot of colourful keysets in this hobby with very feature rich base kits. These can be great, but let's face it: sometimes less really is more. Sometimes you don't want a super "loud" keyboard, and many times people pay for a lot of keys they never end up using. Furthermore, white keyboard finishes have been on the rise but sadly we don't have a lot of sets that match this very well. This is when /u/Janglad and /u/quaddepo came together and decided to bring you this set. 

The group buy will run from Feb 28, 2019 until March 22, 2019.


0 kit $99 at 500 units sold. [ACHEIVED]


Expected delivery in July 2019