GMK Violet Tendencies

GMK Violet Tendencies

from 22.00



Base Kit: 588 (347)

Spacebar Kit: 295 (170)

Accent Kit: 217 (127)


$160 Base Kit | MOQ 150

The base kit has been meticulously tweaked over the past year to make it the most compatible kit ever. It will cover nearly every board from an 1800 all the way down to 40% and ortho. We are very proud to bring you this compatibility at such a great price!

$35 Spacebar Kit | MOQ 100

The spacebar kit includes a variety of split spacebars and some GR1 accent spacebars, for that extra pop!

$14 Accent Kit | MOQ 100

We added the accent kit after hearing the voices of the market. Many folks were disappointed that some accent keys didn’t make it into the base kit, so this should solve that problem! Very small, simple accent kit, for a very small, simple price.

If you are not in the US or Canada, please order from one of the proxies listed below. If you order from us to be shipped to another country, we may contact you about additional shipping costs. If your country is not available on our site or any of the other proxies, scroll down for a form to receive a custom shipping estimate to your location.

Because this is a pre-order, if you order this item with any other items, they will not ship separately. If you want your in-stock items to be sent separately, place a second order. Do not order this item with different groupbuy/pre-order product.

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Additional Violet Tendencies Products

We also have desk mats and keyboard sleeves available to order with your set! Check them out!


The group buy will run from April 22, 2018 until May 20, 2018.

Price drop for the base kit at 250 units sold.

We have teamed up with Keybai Caps to bring some giveaways. Every 25th order, will win a Violet Tendencies themed Keybai cap! Check out their work on their Instagram and website! This only applies to orders from Dixie Mech.


As of right now, we expect delivery to us to be around October.

This is a very soft estimate. We will update this information as we receive more information.