QMK Proton C

QMK Proton C


Estimated to ship Dec 2018

The Keyboard Controller You Didn’t Know You Needed

At the heart of every keyboard is a controller. It is a computer chip that is responsible for translating your button presses into signals your computer can understand. Many PCB’s have a controller built in (or “Pre-soldered”) while others rely on an external controller. The most popular external controller is a Pro-Micro.

Developed by the QMK collaborators, the Proton C allows you to upgrade any Pro Micro compatible keyboard kit to take advantage of a robust USB Type-C port, a faster Arm chipset, and an optional speaker. Extra pins are availble on the lower half of the Proton C, and can be broken off for builds that aren't compatible.

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Includes a 5V step-up output for WS2812 LED chains (rest of board is 3.3V), and a reset button to put the MCU into the bootloader mode.

$2 of every sale goes to QMK.


* Through-hole mounted USB-C Port
* 32-bit 72Mhz Cortex-M4 processor (STM32F303CCT6)
* 23x 3.3V I/O Ports
* 1x 5V output for WS2812 LED chains
* 256Kb Flash
* 40Kb RAM
* AST1109MLTRQ speaker footprint